2017 Event Schedule

April 22nd: Opening for Brock Univ. and UB Faculties installations with a performance by
Harmonia. (through April 28th)

May 6th // Boom Days

May 12th or 13th // Skewed and Such
performance days based on weather

May 18th- 20th: Stanzi Vrabel, UB Media Studies, Installation “Indeterminacy”.

May 25th or 26th: Yevette and Andrew Blanton

June 2nd: Echoes of the Opera III with Valerian Ruminsky

June 3rd // Just Buffalo Silo Reading Series
Featuring Mathias Svalina

June 13th: Tatsuya Nakatani

July 8th // Western New York Blues Festival

July 22nd // Just Buffalo Silo Reading Series
Featuring Morgan Parker

July 28th: Julie Byrne

July 29th // 3rd Annual Triathlon  (Paddle, Bike, and Run)

August 12th // Just Buffalo Silo Reading Series